We are an accounting and auditing firm of Certified Public Accountants (CPA) from the Philippines, with office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, serving international and local organizations.


Established in 2004 in Cambodia.


Rationale of Our Presence in Cambodia


In the last ten years, we have observed that more and more local non-government-organizations (NGO) have emerged in the field of development work in Cambodia. We feel that this is a local positive response to the international development effort which has been endeavouring toward the localisation of the rebuilding of the Cambodian society as it emerges from the social and economic challenges in its recent past.


It is from this observation that our team saw the need to enhance the appreciation and understanding of correct financial system and procedures among personnel of local corporate structures that are in the field of financial management, accounting and auditing. In this we see the vital significance of training and capacity building and its impact in development work in Cambodia.


A more specific perspective of our concern is the financial accountability and financial-management transparency of local non-government-organizations (NGO) to their beneficiaries, donors, partners and stakeholders. We believe that a synergistic financial relationship among them is vital to development work in Cambodia that all concerned parties strive to achieve with positive and enduring results. BAC – Barachina Consulting Co., Ltd., for this reason, is committed to provide the proper expertise in assisting NGOs and financial organizations in Cambodia, both local and international, achieve this purpose.


Our Aim and Goal


Our aim is to provide quality accounting and auditing services at reasonable cost to international NGOs with local operations and to local NGOs with local and international supporting partners. Business corporations and other non-commercial institutions can also avail our services.


Our goal is to be the competent and reliable consulting-partner in the task of building the capacities of Cambodian nationals and Indo-China country nationals in the financial accountability aspects of their operations through review, assessment and training.


Our Expertise and Services Offered


Our company employs expatriates, who are already based in the country, and trained staff of Cambodians who have good understanding of local NGO operations and business practices.


We offer the following:

  • Financial Review/Assessment
  • Financial Audit
  • Setting up of accounting systems using accounting software such as Quick Books,  Peach Tree, MYOB, etc
  • Training of accounting staff and other personnel on the use of accounting software mentioned above
  • Financial Training (coaching, mentoring, workshop, etc)
  • Consulting and Other Accounting and Bookkeeping services


Our Professional Experience

  • 5 and half years of experience in public accounting and corporate accounting in the Philippines (3 years with Price Waterhouse, Phils.)
  • 8 years of experience in public accounting and corporate accounting in the United States
  • 8 years of NGO Finance/Accounting experience in Cambodia
  • Over 8 years of experience in public accounting in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam


Professional Qualifications at Management Level



Holders of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Accounting

(Conferred by universities in Manila, Philippines)



Certified Public Accountants


Managing Director / Partner

Manila, Philippines – CPA License No. 033855 (1978);

CPA – California, USA – License No.:  103028



International Consultant and Manager / Partner

Manila, Philippines - CPA License No. 26231 (1975)



Assistant Audit Manager

Manila, Philippines - CPA License No. 0156364 (2013)


Institutional Status


Registered with the Ministry of Commerce and the Tax Department of the government of Cambodia

Recognised by the Ministry of Economics and Finance.



Current and Past Clients


Partial List, as follows

·         Oxfam GB (in Cambodia)

·         International Cooperation Cambodia

·         Hope International School

·         New Hope for Cambodian Children

·         Habitat for Humanity – Philippines

·         World Concern – Thailand

·         Tear Fund managed projects – Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam

·         A2Z/ Academy for Educational Development – USAID funded project – Contractor/Consultancy Services